Lichen Modeling (Under Works)
Using cellular automata to simulate lichen growth! Featuring foliose and crustose lichens, with excitable wave-like mode.

VLAD (stands for Very Limited And Disorganized)
An 8-bit computer simulation created in Logisim (v2.7.1), with RAM/cache and programmable ROMs. Built with Matthew Galloway and Matt Wetmore.

Modified Sankoff Algorithm
Research project for COMP561: Computational Biology Research & Methods. A variant of the Sankoff algorithm for calculating phylogeny of nucleotide sequences which takes into account the parsimony of RNA secondary structures. Tested on five RNA families.

A small sketch of bouncing lines and colors, made in Processing.

A selection of maps, as well as a short report of forest cover changes between 1997-2005 around Arenal National Park.

Three Factors Associated with Support for Environmental Legistation
Final project for GEOG 307: Socioeconomic Applications of GIS. Verification and identification of factors associated with U.S. congressional support for environmental legislation in politically isolated areas.